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The PECS PCO role

Being a Prisoner Custody Officer is not always easy, but it is rewarding

It’s not easy being trusted with the safety and security of someone about to receive a sentence from the courts. Every detained person reacts differently, and you will see a full range of emotions from; apathy, anger, remorse or trauma. For the person being detained it can be one of the most stressful situations they will ever encounter, but for you it’s an everyday part of your job.

You’ll be responsible for every aspect of their care, from the moment we collect and return them to custody, to their time in court. This could involve conducting searches and keeping them secure, to something as simple as making sure they have something to drink. 

This job demands the best, and our officers come from very diverse backgrounds. But what they will have in common is that they are totally trustworthy and utterly impartial. They all have strength of character and strong communication skills. They are patient, honest and fully committed. This role will require you to be vigilant with good observation skills and the ability to follow processes and procedures to the letter. But most of all you will have a strong team ethic- as nobody does this job alone.

Can you do it?

Yes you can - if you have the resilience, integrity and professionalism to handle an ever-changing day, irrespective of the challenging situation you may face. Your natural patience, understanding and commitment to helping people will stand you in good stead – and give you the authority needed - for this position.

Being a Prisoner Custody Officer demands the best, and our people come to us from a variety of backgrounds. What they will have in common is an ability to relate to people, exceptional communication skills, a commitment to supporting their colleagues and the knowledge that what they do will have a positive impact on their communities.

As a minimum you will evidence that you hold a minimum of Level 2 Key Skills (or equivalent) including English and Maths and we will test that during the process. It is important that you possess the skills that would allow you to pass a variety of mandatory training courses and have a level of fitness to pass Control and Restraint training.