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Welcome to Serco Workforce Solutions (SWS)

Your gateway to temporary contract work with Serco

Who we are

Temporary workers are of immense value to Serco as they enable us to react with speed and agility to an increasing number of large-scale projects and unprecedented market demands. The recent need to attract temporary workers to roles in Covid-19 Test Centre’s, being a prime example.

Until now, we’ve relied on external agencies to act as a link between people looking for temporary work and the many and varied opportunities we have. But we want to create a stronger link between our temporary community and Serco. Which is why Serco Workforce Solutions or SWS has been born. As an in-house team we are dedicated to connecting talented candidates with temporary opportunities across all parts of Serco. We’re also committed to providing the value-added service our temporary workers deserve.

What we do

We act as a gateway to temporary contracts with Serco. We offer a more personal and people-first service. Being part of Serco ourselves, SWS is uniquely placed to understand why temporary work here is far more beneficial than a temporary career anywhere else.

We also know the type of candidates that Serco is looking for as well as the key benefits that Serco has to offer. And importantly, we care about matching people with roles that are right for them.

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