Temp Workforce

Here at Serco everyone has an important role to play – and this includes our temporary workforce, who work flexibly across our sectors to meet the demand for public services.

As part of our public services work, we regularly stand up new, large scale projects at very short notice, with our work on Covid-19 Test Centres being one of the most recent and high-profile examples. And at the core of these projects is our temporary workforce - flexible, committed, and trained people who are ready and able to support these projects when it matters.

It’s because of the value we place on our Temps that we decided to create Serco Workforce Solutions (SWS), our in-house team that aims to connect talented people with opportunities across all parts of our business.

By joining SWS you’ll not only access temp and short-term contracts at Serco but you’ll also be able to broaden your experience, develop your skills, and develop a long-term career within a like-minded community of colleagues.


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