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Why work for Serco?

Serco is a business where people and values matter. We have a strong public service ethos, and we employ people who want to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. We operate in North America, UK, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, and we encourage people to develop their careers moving both between different businesses and countries.

And as a business which delivers “front-line” public services, employing tens of thousands of people, we are constantly developing and promoting people; our need for skilled leaders is insatiable, and few companies can offer as many opportunities for people to grow their careers.

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The fundamentals of delivering superb public services are the same across all sectors and countries. And this is what Serco excels at; with years of experience, and thousands of successful projects delivered, we have the capability to modernise and transform the way public services are delivered.

The combination of our unique public service ethos, proven operational know-how and depth of sector expertise enable us to add real value to the organisations we work for. But this is only possible because of our people.

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Learning and Development

At Serco, we believe we hire the very best people and we want to reap the rewards of this investment by enabling you to continue to grow and develop.   We encourage you to get the maximum learning from your job by placing you in a high performing team, providing clear objectives and creating a culture of collaboration, innovation, support and challenge.

We encourage the highest standards of performance, and recognise that to help you achieve this, you’ll need resources and support to grow and develop your capabilities and experiences. To this end, we commit to helping you to develop your personal, professional, business and leadership skills so that you can achieve your highest goals. We provide a wide range of training and development opportunities including on-the-job, e-learning, classroom-based, secondments, assignments and professional qualifications, leading to a fulfilling and developing career.

Employee Engagement

We believe that employee engagement in Serco is fundamental to the successful delivery of the vital public services we are responsible for and the citizens that we serve.  Our employees views matter and so we seek to understand what’s most important to our employees at work, enabling them to make an important contribution and deliver their best for our customers.

Engagement in Serco is about:

  • connecting employees to our vision and goals, creating meaning and purpose for our people
  • ensuring employees are supported by their manager to contribute their best
  • our values of Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride are reflected in day-to-day behaviours of all our employees
  • and where employees views matter and ideas, both big and small, are heard and seen as central to solutions.


Serco is inherently diverse with a richness of diversity in terms of thought, background, education, culture and religious belief.  We aim to create an inclusive workplace to attract and retain the most talented people from all backgrounds and cultures. 

Our focus is to ensure that all employees have an opportunity to participate, bring different knowledge, perspectives, experiences and working styles, feel engaged and know their work makes an important contribution, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, physical ability, age, sexual orientation or religion. Our values of Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride underpin our commitment to a culture that is inclusive and tolerant of differences. 

Reward and Benefits

At Serco we operate across a broad range of industries and our employees have a diverse range of skills and experiences. Our approach to reward aims to reflect these differences and to be responsive to the individual needs of our employees.  

We are committed to ensuring that we offer market competitive salary and benefits that enable us to recruit and retain the best in all of our chosen markets. We encourage eligible employees to participate in our UK government-approved sharesave scheme, through which our employees may purchase shares at a discounted rate and share in the success of our business.

We also recognize that reward is more than just about money. We offer a range of core and voluntary benefits, personal development and work-life balance opportunities that give you the flexibility to choose what's right for you, in an environment where you feel valued. Ultimately, we aim to ensure all our employees focus on achieving sustainable success for themselves and their business, and share in our passion to bring service to life.

Pulse Awards

We're passionate about doing the right thing and making a positive impact on our customers and colleagues and the communities we serve.

Through the Serco Pulse Awards we recognise those individuals and teams who have shown this passion, made a positive impact and made us better at what we do.  Through their behaviours our award recipients will have delivered repeatable success, built relationships and strengthened our reputation.

By recognising these individuals and teams with a Pulse Award we are rewarding the right behaviours that are at the heart of our culture and demonstrate why Serco values them so much.

The Pulse Awards help us celebrate people at every level and from every part of the company whose behaviours are making a difference - bringing service and Serco to life, and providing role models that help shape our businesses in the future.

Leadership Development

Serco is committed to developing its leaders to meet our current requirements and importantly, enable the achievement of our strategic plans. To do this we ensure we understand strengths and development requirements of our leaders and provide development opportunities to enhance skills and capabilities.

At the point of recruitment, we apply tools to understand our leaders and to enable us to provide development opportunities to bring out the best they have to offer.  We work hard to ensure our Leaders are as good as they can be and we provide a broad canvas of opportunities to develop leadership careers and capability.  We consider succession planning, talent management, secondments, horizontal moves as well as development opportunities provided in-house or in partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious educational establishments.

Our Values

Building our community

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