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Contact Centres & Complex Case Management

Integrated, responsive, and empathetic multi-channel contact centres, using technology to enable citizens to transact efficiently and effectively.

Contact Centres and Complex Case Management

Serco delivers multi-channel contact services on behalf of local and central government. We offer a variety of models that reflect customer needs, ranging in size from targeted campaigns to largescale dedicated agents working across multiple channels.

Our solutions meet fiscal and service pressures whilst enabling citizens to access the services they need. We do this by understanding how citizens want to interact with public services and through delivering an integrated customer experience using a bespoke operational model and technology platform.

We provide citizen contact centre and complex case management solutions that meet demand for better quality services and deliver sustained cost savings. By leveraging our operational expertise and flexible technology platform, we deliver an integrated service centre experience that enables citizens to quickly reach their positive outcome.

Our solution not only empowers citizens to transact with government departments in a way that suits them, but it also helps to drive cost savings for our customers by moving more interactions to self-service digital channels. 

We provide customers with a flexible transformation roadmap where service and process implementation is built on a selection of modules aligned to the customer’s own pace and scale of change.

Key Facts

  • We have transitioned 100% of housing benefit claims online, using co-design with community groups to promote and support adoption of the digital service for a unitary authority.

  • We have used behavioural insight to integrate a mix of voice and non-voice channels, promoting digital services to account for 70% of all contacts for a central government agency.

  • We have redesigned business processes and created segmentation strategies to increase collection yields eightfold for a central government agency.

  • Insight-led redesign of social care processes has allowed Serco to resolve over 70% of calls at the first point of contact either via the web or in the contact centre, saving £2.5m per annum for a county council.

  • Using customer insight, Serco developed an online self-service solution to reduce costs and improve resolution times for Highways, with reporting over 60% online and applications over 98% online for a county council.

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