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Employment Services

Experienced in the delivery of essential government employment programmes, offering support, guidance, and advice to help people to get back into work.

Employment Services

Working with our network of delivery partners, Serco has been delivering employability programmes for more than 10 years. We work on behalf of governments to help long-term unemployed people to gain sustainable work.

Due to our experience in the employability sector and our providers’ expertise in supporting people into work, Serco is well placed to help citizens improve their lives through sustainable employment.

Our established delivery model combines our extensive experience as a prime contractor in the employability sector, with the knowledge and expertise of our local delivery partners, to whom we outsource 100% of the delivery.

Serco’s delivery network is made up of providers from the public, private, and third sectors, working locally in the communities we serve. Together we provide essential support services that help jobseekers to improve their prospects of securing employment.

Our partnership approach means that jobseekers benefit from a personalised package of support provided through expert organisations that help them to deal with multiple and complex needs and get back into work.

Find out about our Inspiring Families programme; a new employment programme launched to support families in North and East London.

Key Facts

  • We have been delivering employability programmes since 2009 and successfully managed the UK government’s flagship back-to-work scheme, the Work Programme until 2019, delivered on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and part-funded by the European Social Fund.
  • We have supported over 30,000 individuals into jobs since the Work Programme began in June 2011, of which 6,400 have health concerns and 3750 are ex-offenders
  • We have supported over 729 individuals into jobs through our Inspiring Families Programme since January 2017.
  • Our self-employment support programme supported the creation of 3,600 businesses.
  • We engage with 16,700 employers to support people into work.
  • We are credited with excellence in supply chain management through the Merlin Standard.
  • We maintain the highest score of ‘Strong Assurance’ by the Provider Assurance Team (PAT), on the robustness of our internal controls.
  • More than 40% of our Work Programme providers were SMEs.
  • 57% of our Inspiring Families providers are charities.

Contact us for further information on Serco’s Citizen Services:

• If you are interested in partnering with us please contact us on employment@serco.com.

• If you are a Work Programme customer with Serco, please visit www.yourworkprogramme.com for more details.