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Employment, Skills, Training and Enterprise support

Experienced in the delivery of essential government employment programmes, offering support, guidance, and advice to help people to get back into work. We also deliver government skills, training and business support programmes to both individuals and businesses that boost economic development and prospects across communities.

Working with our network of delivery partners, we have been delivering employability programmes for more than 10 years. We work on behalf of governments to help long-term unemployed people to gain sustainable work. Due to our experience in the employability sector and our providers’ expertise in supporting people into work, we are well placed to help citizens improve their lives through sustainable employment.

We also deliver a comprehensive range of skills, training and enterprise support programmes on behalf of local and central governments. Our capabilities include vocational training and development, in-work training for businesses, leadership development for the education sector, and programmes that target the growth needs of local businesses.


Employment, Skills, Training and Enterprise Support

Our partnership approach means that jobseekers benefit from a personalised package of support that help them deal with multiple and complex needs and get back to work.  We also help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop skills so their businesses can flourish. 

Inspiring Families

The Inspiring Families programme is an initiative designed to help individuals improve their personal and family circumstances and get back into work.