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Over the Counter Services

Providing multi-channel access to public facing services on behalf of city councils such as council tax, housing benefits, and reception services.

Over the Counter Services

Serco provides customer facing services to the local community on behalf of city councils. We support customer needs across all public facing departments, serving the wider community in a reception or over the counter capacity, in an efficient, localised, and joined-up manner.

By assembling service teams to work from single sites typically co-located with customer organisations, we respond to all citizen queries, as well as provide general advice and guidance. We are passionate about delivering a relevant and helpful experience, as efficiently as possible.

We deliver efficient, friendly, and consistent over the counter services, responding to queries and managing transactions relating to all public services. We process forms, applications, payments and claims, and fulfil service requests, such as parking permits. We manage visitors, deliveries, and documentation, as well as triage citizens and direct them to the self-service terminals if appropriate.

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