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Skills, Training and Enterprise Support

From vocational apprenticeships to business support services, we deliver government programmes that boost prospects across communities.

Skills, Training and Enterprise Support

Serco delivers a comprehensive range of skills, training and enterprise support programmes on behalf of local and central governments. Our capabilities include vocational training and development, in-work training for businesses, leadership development for the education sector, and programmes that target the specific needs of communities and the different growth needs of local businesses.

We help individuals to enhance their work prospects, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop skills so their businesses can flourish, and the education sector to continue to raise standards through a comprehensive range of government-led skills and training programmes. In doing so, we help to strengthen local economies.

With an in-depth knowledge of every contract we deliver, the strength of our team rests with the dedication of each and every member of staff to provide customers and programme participants with the best possible service and outcomes.

Through our comprehensive service capability, we are able to manage a range of programmes on behalf of local and central governments:

  • Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs often need additional capacity, expertise, and funding to provide important employee training and business development. We administer government programmes that aim to help SMEs upskill their workforce and grow their business.  Details on our Skills Support for the Workforce and Heart of the South west Apprenticeship Service here.

  • In-work training and development

In-work training and development not only helps people to earn more by improving their skills and progression in work, it also enables employers to recruit new staff and retrain or upskill existing staff.

For more information visit our apprenticeships’ site.

  • Leadership development for the education sector

We provide continuing professional development to enhance leadership skills within the education sector, including head teachers, leadership teams, business managers, children’s centre leaders, support staff, and governors on a daily basis.

  • Government initiatives that target specific needs

Programmes are typically designed to enhance prospects within a community, either to improve employment prospects, fulfil employer skills gaps, or support local economic development.

  • Local business support and economic development

We provide specialist business support programmes including superfast broadband exploitation, growth hub management and digital inclusion that help increase the competitiveness of local businesses and drive economic growth – for more information visit the enterprise website.

Please download our latest Impact Report for case studies on our Employment, Skills, and Enterprise business.

Key Facts

  • We work across 35 local authority areas, delivering 15 programmes in the last 18 months. Recent programmes are forecast to deliver over £100m of increased productivity.
  • We started delivering apprenticeships in 2002 and are now one of the top 100 employers of apprentices in the UK. We have placed apprentices in 80 Serco contracts across the UK, in over 200 job types, and in a range of industries.
  • We have supported over 1,500 businesses with training for their workforce and over 6,000 employees have benefited from our service.
  • We are the UK’s lead provider of the School Business Management (SBM) Partnership and have trained over 14,000 school and academy leaders across England and Wales.
  • We have successfully delivered a short language training programme in Wales with 500 people achieving an accredited language qualification.
  • Since 2007, we have delivered 38 business and community support programmes.
  • We have delivered seven superfast broadband exploitation and inclusion programmes, providing information to 85,000 businesses, running 780 workshops, and helping 2,000 businesses grow.
  • We have proven social value and social enterprise development solutions.

Contact us for further information on Serco’s Citizen Services:

  • Contact us for further information on Serco’s capabilities in Citizen Services
  • If you are interested in developing your skills, or those of your employees, with apprenticeships please contact us on skills@serco.com
  • If you are an SME operating in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Heart of the South West (Devon and Somerset), Dorset, Swindon and Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, South East Midlands, Coventry and Warwickshire, Worcestershire, or Stoke and Staffordshire, you could be eligible for fully-funded training for your employees. Contact us on skillssupport@serco.com for details.
  • If you are in the education sector and interested in studying with us please visit www.leadershiplearningcentre.com.

If you are interested in our business support services please contact us on enterprise@serco.com. More details on www.peninsula-enterprise.co.uk