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Technical and Engineering Services

Supplying highly specialised technical engineering staff for extremely complex technical environments on behalf of institutions and agencies across Europe.


Serco has won a contract to manage operation of European meteorological satellites

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Technical and Engineering Services

Serco provides highly specialised technical and engineering staff, fulfilling resource requirements for extremely complex technical environments on behalf of institutions and agencies across Europe.

We supply highly-specialised competent technical and engineering staff to fulfil non-permanent roles, enabling our customers to deliver extremely complex projects, missions, and user support functions.

We combine considerable sector experience, a deep understanding of our customers' needs, and an established geographic footprint in Europe, with proven talent management processes, procedures, and techniques developed over decades.

Our services enable agencies to deliver extremely complex programs such as space missions, earth observation data, and satellite and space control centre monitoring, with the associated petabytes of data storage and analysis.

We deliver key IT services to European institutions including service desk, service management, desktop support, and ICT user services. In space, we provide integrated space services, satellite control, payload processing, ground station operations, and maintenance.

These are highly complex environments where Serco is recognised for delivering technical and engineering services for decades.

Key Facts

  • We are the largest preferred supplier of staff augmentation services across all the activity domains in the European Space Agency.
  • We have a circa 40% market share in space markets and have a circa 20% in our IT markets (closer to 50% for our core capabilities).
  • We have been delivering highly-skilled technical staff for over 40 years.

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