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Base Support / Integrated Support to Operations

Serco provides integrated and cost effective support to military operations in the home base to enable delivery of the Whole Force Approach, with proven specialist facilities management and service integration capabilities.

As the primary provider of base support to the RAF, we have a broad array of specialist capabilities that, combined with commercial innovation and productivity enhancement, deliver market leading base operation solutions.

Serco’s base support services keep 9 of the RAF’s airfields and other sites operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as a variety of civilian airfields. Our operations under the RAF Brize Norton Multi Activity Contract (MAC) are a perfect example where around 20 different services are supplied to keep the airfield running smoothly. Brize is the UK’s only Military Emergency Diversion Aerodrome and therefore runs year round, with operational excellence critical to ensuring that the military is supported by the RAF’s strategic transport aircraft fleets based there. 

Serco provides a large range of aircraft services such as engine and aircraft maintenance, internal and external cleaning, and ramp services, which include fuelling/de-fuelling, re/de-arming, ground control, aircraft tugs, and other services for visiting and Brize-based aircraft.

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Non-airside operations are just as important to the smooth running of a major airport, and Serco provides cleaning and catering for the thousands of people at Brize and other major RAF airfields, as well as processing and moving the tens of thousands of passengers and the huge amount of freight that arrives and departs each month. 

Serco’s teams are frequently the most clearly visible part of the operations at Brize and other airfields as a result of this. Critical to carrying this out successfully and seamlessly with the RAF’s own teams is that Serco is the market leader in utilising the Whole Force Approach. 

This delivers a blended military/civilian workforce to maintain military effectiveness as cost effectively as possible. The clearest example the of Whole Force Approach in action is at RAF Northolt, where Serco runs the MAC for the whole base, as well as maintaining the BAE 146 aircraft. Every time one of these aircraft departs a Serco engineer is on board. For flights into high threat environments, the engineers become Sponsored Reserves, taking off their Serco uniform and putting on an RAF one to become a non-commissioned officer under military command for as long as they need to be activated.

Other services that Serco provides at many airfields around the UK include air traffic control, fire and rescue provision/management, bird control, airfield maintenance, motor transport, and a wide variety of administration tasks, from IT support and provision of stores to manning receptions and other duties. 

This significant experience in providing airfield support services is magnified by Serco being the largest private sector air navigation service provider in the world, plus the leader in international fire training and service provision. Serco has a huge amount to offer both military and commercial airfields in terms of first class, highly effective and efficient airfield services, and this is one of the company’s most important business areas.

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