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Serco in Defence - United Kingdom Engineering and asset management

Serco is a Defence business that is a critical part of the UK Defence Enterprise, helping to protect the nation. We make an impact by delivering critical people and engineering-based services and providing agile and dependable solutions to ensure the Defence Enterprise can protect the nation in a volatile world.

We design, build, operate and maintain defence critical assets and systems, supporting mission critical capability through resilient and agile delivery.
We offer comprehensive support services to the armed forces, ensuring they are equipped with the latest and most effective technology. Our highly skilled teams maintain continuous operation of essential defence equipment, ensure the safety and efficiency of military aircraft and naval ships, safeguarding the operational effectiveness of our service personnel.


armed forces locations
dedicated engineering and asset management colleagues
years delivering airside and support services at RAF Brize Norton
Royal Navy vessels maintained
Chinook HC.MK 6 – T55 engines repaired and tested yearly
Typhoon EJ200 engines repaired each year
years providing critical support at RAF Fylingdales

Through bringing together the right people, the right technology and the right skills, Serco is delivering engineering and asset management services that are right for now, and fit for the future.

Salli Shapcott
Director for Engineering & Asset Management, UK Defence

Air Defence Radars

We are at the heart of defending the UK from attack, providing critical engineering maintenance support of UK based Air Defence radars since 2005.

Deputy Program Manager Dan Shaw monitors UK Air Defence radar information remotely from our Waterlooville site.

Our engineers provide the day-to-day operation of Remote Radar Heads across five sites located in Northumberland, Shetland Isles, Eastern Scotland, Western Scotland and Norfolk.

Our dedicated team works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to operate and maintain critical national infrastructure to support our armed forces to defend the UK. 

In support of this our skilled engineers have consistently achieved over 99% operational availability to the RAF. In addition, Serco has delivered three new state of the art TPS-77 Air Defence radar systems to the Ministry of Defence and upgraded two RAF T92 radars.

Maritime operations

We enable the Navy to go on operations and return home safely, proudly ensuring Royal Navy readiness since 1996. Serco operates and maintains a fleet of 96 vessels, which enable the Royal Navy to operate safely and efficiently, in and out of port. 
Our highly skilled team completes over 11,000 tasks at His Majesty’s Naval Bases at Portsmouth, Devonport and Faslane, and at the British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre (BUTEC) Ranges in Kyle of Lochalsh and Greenock each year. These include moving warships in and out of port, transferring pilots and passengers on and off ships, fuelling, ammunitioning, removing liquid waste, and cleaning tanks; and providing oil spill response and specialist training support. 

Our team maintains and repairs Admiralty Moorings and Navigation Marks throughout the UK, Cyprus and Gibraltar and we procure materials to support the Falkland and Ascension islands. We also manage new vessel build programmes on behalf of the Navy. 

We’re a critical partner to the Royal Navy’s Continued At Sea Deterrent, worldwide training and surface ship movements including both Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales Class Aircraft Carriers. Maritime UK awarded our team 2022 Diversity Champion of the Year, recognising our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive team. 
HNLMS Karel Doorman and Serco Tugs
Typhoon aircraft automatic testing solutions

We support mission critical capability through resilient and agile delivery, helping Typhoons fulfil their mission. Our skilled team provides high integrity test solutions, through-life support, data acquisition, simulation, and technical consultancy. We integrate industry leading technology into innovative solutions that enable customers to reduce costs and succeed in their goals.
Engineers carrying out testing using GPSE testing system
We design General Purpose Support Equipment (GPSE) to automate testing for Typhoon aircraft, enabling the Royal Air Force to keep these assets in a serviceable state, ready for action. Our team has been developing support solutions for fixed wing aircraft including Typhoon since 2005. 

Serco’s GPSE automatic test set has replaced nine separate pieces of support equipment with a single box solution, reducing costs for the UK Ministry of Defence. It is now the main equipment used to provide off-aircraft support of the Typhoon armament system components. 

The GPSE has been redesigned to create a standard test system for use across all operators of Typhoon delivering better performance, improved reliability and resolving obsolescence, reducing the cost of ownership further whilst increasing equipment availability. The GPSE is in use with most Typhoon equipped Air Forces and is supported from our service base in the UK.
Royal Navy and RAF aircraft maintenance

We help keep the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy aircraft in the air.
We deliver expert and critical engineering for the Typhoon, Merlin, Apache, Wildcat and Chinook aircraft with our maintenance, repair and overhaul services keeping these assets ready for flight and fight.  

Each year Serco Propulsion Technicians repair 30 Typhoon EJ200 engines and physically handle and work on 80+ engines. At RAF Odiham, our team repairs and tests 50 Chinook HC.MK 6 - T55 engines and 36 Titan auxiliary power units every year.  

Serco logistics specialists process 9,800 plus spares for EJ200 engine repair and Typhoon engine forward support per year.  Our engineers also specialise in fault diagnosis, avionics and mechanical maintenance, and aircraft part welding for Wildcat and Merlin helicopters.
Propulsion Technician Andrew Gedney inspects a Typhon aircraft EJ200 engine at RAF Coningsby
RAF Brize Norton

We deliver extensive airside and support services at RAF Brize Norton 24 hours a day, every day, and have been proudly supporting the Royal Air Force’s mission at RAF Brize Norton for over 25 years. 
Engineering work at RAF Brize Norton

Our logistics, armoury, engineering and airfield services specialists provide assured, highly regulated services, enabling the 7,000 RAF personnel based on site to provide rapid global mobility in support of UK overseas operations and exercises.

Our engineering teams annually maintain over 300 C-17 aircraft wheel and tyre assemblies, and over 200 composite and metal repairs are carried out at our aircraft structural repair bay each year. The Serco survival equipment bay maintains critical safety equipment for the RAF Brize Norton aircraft, and the station armoury maintains and services thousands of RAF Brize Norton rifles & pistols.

We maintain over 150 specialist airfield vehicles every year, supporting the airfleet operations and aircraft fleet. We deliver people and products nationwide in support of the defence output, looking after nearly 7,000 inbound and outbound military travellers each month, and support the operational delivery across all aircraft and specialist vehicles alongside RAF colleagues.

female apprentice at Yeovilton

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