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Engineering Support Services

Serco provides engineering support services to the military as well as defence equipment operators and providers. We service complex engineering support needs covering aviation, protected mobility, and marine equipment in highly regulated environments.

We are at the heart of maintaining the UK’s defence capabilities. We have extensive aviation and complex platform support capabilities that deliver improved equipment availability, release military manpower for operational tasking, and enhance affordability overall.

Serco is helping the Ministry of Defence to put the “S” back into DE&S (Defence Equipment and Support), providing support services that facilitate blended military/industry workforce (Whole Force Approach) to deliver productivity improvements and lower costs to support aviation and other technical engineering services.

Many of these are provided in partnership with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who originally designed and built the systems, ranging from helicopters and passenger aircraft to radars and test equipment. 

Serco brings huge value to end users and other customers through utilising continuous improvement to incrementally enhance service delivery and reduce costs. This is further enhanced through the deep customer insight that we have after 52 years of being embedded in support of our military customers, which helps Serco to deliver productivity enhancing technology and process solutions that increase both the affordability and effectiveness of services. 

With every person in our engineering teams trained in continuous improvement, and with a huge pool of suitably qualified and experienced personnel to call on, Serco has both civilian and military aviation maintenance accreditations (JAR 145 and UK MOD Maintenance Approval Authorisation Scheme (MAOS). In addition, we have niche vehicle integration and engineering capabilities for special projects and protected mobility vehicles.