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Facilities Management

Providing specialist capabilities for the management of complex military and defence facilities with challenging operational delivery parameters.

Facilities Management

We possess high-end facilities management capabilities from the delivery of large-scale building projects and complex maintenance, through to traditional hard and soft facilities management. We partner with specialist providers where there are benefits to the customer from the wider offer that we can provide.

Serco’s first contract was to provide complex facilities management services at RAF Fylingdales, and this continues to the present day. We have now progressed to provide these services alongside a wider series of technically demanding requirements at home and abroad, enabling the continuous delivery of high-value operational outputs. 

Facilities management is increasingly complex due to growing customer, legislative, and regulatory requirements. In addition providers are being challenged by cost pressures, reducing customer spend, and increased statutory and regulatory requirements.The effect of this can be seen with the RAF’s programme to regionalise facilities management services into Project Hestia (Soft FM) and Project Hades (technical and hard FM services). 

Serco’s expertise in base support and FM gives us a unique capability to deliver operational excellence and cost effectiveness to the military, where a wide range of services need to be integrated successfully to enable military outputs to be effectively provided. The UK Defence Academy requires a similar approach, where the varying educational and training requirements of the thousands of students who pass through the Shrivenham campus every year need high quality, seamless delivery in order to maximise educational results and minimise the time spent onsite.

Key Facts

  • Our first contract was to provide complex facilities management at Fylingdales Early Warning Radar Station in 1964, and we have held this contract continuously ever since.
  • We continue to offer this as a core capability in support of more complex overall requirements, such as the operation of the Defence Academy, Skynet satellite operational control centres, base support operations at RAF Brize Norton, the Emergency Planning College, and International Fire Training Centre, to name but a few.

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