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Maritime Services

From major vessel movement and ammunitioning to supporting complex and specialist training, we have vast experience delivering complex and sensitive maritime support operations.

Maritime Services

Serco has vast experience delivering complex and sensitive maritime support operations to the Royal Navy and other government departments that require maritime support or maritime assets.

We have unparalleled experience in technical maritime capabilities and are relied upon to provide extensive marine services to the UK’s Royal Navy. This provides a platform for innovative approaches, new capabilities, operational support, and assured service delivery, whilst offering best value for money.

Serco has been providing maritime support services to the Royal Navy for over 20 years in the 3 major dockyard ports, having taken over tug, fuelling, ammunitioning and other functions from the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service (RMAS) in 1996. This was enhanced in 2007, when Serco became responsible for the complete range of services (including specialist training, out of port, and harbour master support) under the Future Provision of Maritime Services contract (FPMS), which permitted the RMAS to be disbanded. 

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FPMS provides a hugely cost effective model for the UK Royal Navy, as well as a 99.8% on-time delivery year round, whatever the weather, providing absolute surety and resilience of service for the Navy so that ships and submarines can operate whenever is needed.

With financial pressures always present, and under the guidance of SDSR15, the UK RN is exploring new models for vessel provision, both for itself, its support vessels and those of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA). Serco is exploring ways to utilise the FPMS model under the ‘Whole Force Approach’ to further enhance the resilience of the service and permit the support of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers once they have entered service.

In addition, we are combining this with innovative commercial models to further reduce the costs of the FPMS service, and to explore the very successful design, build, maintain, and operate model that we provide to the Royal Australian Navy.

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Key Facts

  • We provide and operate nearly 120 support vessels (from 100 to 25,000 tons) for both the UK and Royal Australian Navy, plus International Nuclear Services.
  • We provide 99.8% on-time delivery of support vessel services to the Royal Navy.
  • The Royal Australian Navy trusts Serco to design, build, maintain and operate their new 25,000 ton Antarctic Supply and Research Vessel, as well as Multi-Role Aviation Training Ship, Rescue Gear Ship, Escape Gear Ship, and a variety of smaller vessels.
  • Under the INS contract, we operate four vessels transporting spent nuclear fuel around the globe for reprocessing.

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