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Vessel Provision

We provide an end-to-end vessel provisioning service which includes vessel design and acquisition, technical management and operations of a varied fleet of new builds, legacy vessels, conversions and chartered vessels.  Having worked with our customers for over 20 years we understand bespoke safety, security, regulatory and operational requirements.

Meanwhile our Serco-crewed vessels undertake missions with and for our customers at sea.

NSRS vehicle deployed from SD Northern River

Support to military training exercises

  • Support to Royal Navy training exercises
  • Search and Rescue training for helicopters
  • Safety cover for submarines when submerged on trials
  • Industry leading experience in MoD ROV deployment
  • NSRS Mothership capability (SD Northern River)

New Vessel Acquisition

  • Vessel selection and procurement of new build and legacy vessels 
  • Over-seeing build and commissioning of new vessels
  • Innovative solutions to procure vessels at no extra cost to the customer
Tugboat with a vessel in the open sea

Towage Services

  • Towage Services both in and outside the dockyard Ports
  • Includes towage support to CASD and SSN deployments

Passenger transfer services

  • Transfer of pilots, VIPs and MOD personnel
  • Up to 60 passengers in the Port areas and Cat C&D Waters
  • Perform scheduled ferry services, passenger services

International Nuclear Services

  • Transport of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel
  • Management of specialist vessels
  • Provision of 24hr monitoring and emergency response facilities