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Test and Maintenance Solutions for Complex Equipment

We create operationally ready, ruggedised solutions to help test and fault find complex equipment for aviation and protected mobility platforms.

Test and Maintenance Solutions for Complex Equipment

Serco provides ground-based test equipment that keeps aircraft flying and land vehicles patrolling, protecting both UK nationals and allies at home and abroad. We enable local security arrangements in the face of state enabled aggression or localised terrorism or extremism.

We maintain highly active relationships with technology partners to create operationally ready ruggedised solutions for military applications in extremely short time scales. Our approach, our know-how, and our people mean that we are able to keep the cost of technical support low, thereby ensuring exceptional value for money.

The Royal Air Force, British Army, Royal Navy, and other armed forces around the world require simple to operate, high performance, and ruggedised support equipment to keep their fleet of platforms operationally ready. We work closely with technology partners to rapidly create these solutions for military applications in extremely short timescales.

We retain relationships with technology houses that provide the leading edge open architecture technology kernel that Serco employs at the heart of its solutions.

This ensures development times are extremely short and the architecture design enables it to interface with Primes and OEMs’ current and legacy equipment in a totally agnostic manner, thereby ensuring Intellectual Property Rights is fully retained by the originator.

Our latest system has been measured to be 17 times faster in completing ground tests than alternatives, which contributes to minimising turnaround time and ensures that the platform is more available to deliver the operational mission.

Key Facts

  • All of the UK’s fast jets utilise Serco’s General Purpose Support Equipment (GPSE) test equipment to ensure that their complex avionics and weapon systems remain available and operational.
  • Serco’s man-portable test sets assure the army that their protected mobility vehicles are fully operational in challenging environmental and operational conditions.
  • Our test sets have been helping ensure that the UK military’s fighters and Anti-Submarine helicopters are operational for over 2 decades.

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