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Whole Enterprise Transformation

Fast-moving but incremental transformation through skills, process, technical, and equipment change.

Whole Enterprise Transformation

Serco works with the Ministry of Defence to enable whole enterprise transformation that enhances the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and service standards of back-office functions.

We have a first class track record of delivering transformational change across complex business units. We adopt a fast-moving but incremental change approach, that has motivating and upskilling people at its heart.

Our ethos is that transformation must be done with the organisation and teams concerned (not to them) in order to maintain the good will and team ethos that are the foundation for achieving change smoothly, quickly, and successfully. 

We embed very experienced senior leaders and technical experts into the customer’s organisation to lead and deliver the changes from within. These people become an integral part of the customer organisation and have extensive reach back into Serco’s business.

Transformation is achieved through skills, process, technical, and equipment change, with trials carried out to test efficacy and prove concepts where needed. This evolutionary approach to transformation is the key to how we deliver dramatic performance improvement in a series of low risk steps.

Key Facts

  • We have a first class track record of facilitating transformational change at organisations as diverse as the National Physical Laboratory, Defence Business Services (DBS), the Emergency Planning College and the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston. 
  • At DBS, Serco saved more than £110m from the customer’s cost base over 4 years, whilst simultaneously achieving the ultimate goal of exceeding KPIs, significantly enhancing operational effectiveness, increasing customer satisfaction rates, and yet still lifting DBS staff engagement results.

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