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Facilities Management

From patient contact centres to hospital facilities such as catering, cleaning and porter services, Serco delivers a better patient experience at a lower cost.

Facilities Management

Serco has extensive experience in delivering essential healthcare facilities management services on behalf of governments. From mission critical building maintenance to hospital facilities services such as catering, cleaning, and porter services, we specialise in delivering a better environment for healthcare and supporting improved patient outcomes.   

We partner with governments, healthcare authorities and world-class healthcare companies to deliver patient-centered solutions that address the challenge of declining health budgets, in the face of rising public demand.

The healthcare sector is under unprecedented pressure. We deliver integrated facilities management services that improve the patient experience during treatment, which can significantly enhance the chances of a successful recovery. This, in turn, benefits the health service, both reputationally and financially.

We do this by supporting a positive environment for patients, their families and those looking after them. We facilitate easy access to care, faster recovery for patients, an efficient hospital discharge process, and quicker bed turnaround while reducing the chance of infection and avoiding relapse, extended stay or readmission.

Serco brings experience and best practice from our global healthcare business, as well as learnings and innovations from other market sectors, to provide the most economically viable and professional service delivery.

Key Facts

  • We have over two decades experience in delivering excellent services for the NHS and deliver integrated facilities management services to 31 hospitals across the world.
  • We employ over 5,000 people in various UK roles including facilities management, estate and asset management, care coordination and business process services.
  • We deliver services in the UK to an estate of c. 1 million sqm with 7,500 patient beds, for the following NHS Trusts: Barts Health, Norfolk and Norwich, Plymouth, East Kent, Forth Valley, Wishaw, and Dumfries & Galloway (new build opening this year).
  • Every year we complete approximately 1.5 million patient moves, serve over 10 million meals and snacks, provide 26 million drinks and spend 2 million hours cleaning healthcare environments.
  • We have been awarded the Golden Service Award for the Cleanest Hospital in the UK (over 250 beds) twice in the last 3 years: won for our 860 bed Forth Valley Royal Hospital FM Services contract in 2013/14 and 2015/16.

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