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Community Accommodation and Support

Essential support for asylum seekers housed in the community, providing a safe and caring sanctuary while awaiting news on their immigration status.

Community Accommodation and Support

Serco provides vital community accommodation and support services for people while their asylum claim is being processed. We manage an extensive property portfolio with the aim of providing the best possible care.

We reduce the cost to government by integrating hundreds of landlords into one property portfolio, whilst improving the quality standards of the properties and ensuring that asylum seekers in our care are comfortable and have access to the services that they need.

Serco’s community accommodation and support services are focused on the individual needs of this potentially vulnerable group of people as they await news on their asylum claim.

In delivering these services, we have invested in a significant property portfolio whilst reducing the overall cost to the government. Through a full range of procurement, management, and maintenance services, we offer a responsive and flexible stock of properties that are kept to strict quality standards.

We maintain constant links with those in our care by giving them a well-known human point of contact to which they can turn if they need help. We also ‘sign-post’ asylum seekers to relevant local authority and voluntary welfare, education, and health services so that they can get wider support whilst their asylum claim is assessed.

Key Facts

  • We have provided housing and support to some of the most vulnerable people seeking asylum in the UK since 2012.

  • We manage over 5,000 properties across the North West of England and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • We have integrated hundreds of landlords into one property portfolio, reducing costs and administration to the Government.

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