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Embracing innovation to safeguard society and reduce reoffending.


[email protected] is a dynamic and immersive innovation programme in which new ideas and products will be championed, challenged and – if successful – chosen to help shape the future of public service delivery in the justice and immigration sector. If you have a solution with the potential to transform outcomes and make a positive difference to society, we invite you to join our team of industry leaders and take your business to the next level.

Help to make a difference every day

We are a leading provider of public services, operating globally. Innovation is one of four core values that shape our culture and how we do business. We are always ready to challenge the status quo, champion new ideas and find ways to extend innovation to enhance business results. We seek out market disrupters who share our aspiration to be better than anyone else at what we do, whose values align to our own and whose products and services have the potential to create significant benefit for our customers and service users.

We are offering an unparalleled opportunity to step into our world and get behind the scenes with leading business and service delivery experts serving the UK justice system. Through our ten-week programme, you’ll work onsite with us – exploring key challenges in our sector, receiving specialist mentoring from our leadership team and gaining access to live operational environments for tests, trials and demonstrations.

The programme will conclude with an opportunity to secure potential investment.

[email protected] is delivered in partnership with international innovation specialists, L Marks.


What's on offer?


Category summaries

Category 1: Welfare and Rehabilitation

We promote a rehabilitative approach to justice with a focus on better understanding the needs of individual offenders. Our priority is helping offenders become less likely to reoffend. We want to explore enabling technologies that complement our approach to welfare and rehabilitation. We want to explore solutions that can help to improve offender welfare and engagement in prison or support ex-offenders in rebuilding their lives.

Category 2: Behaviour Analytics

Being able to operate prisons safely and securely is critical. We want to create and maintain custodial environments that not only support but also protect the offenders in our care, as well as the public and our people. We want to explore technologies that support data analytics for monitoring offender behaviour or provide other insights to improve our capability for anticipating and mitigating incidents that put safety and security at risk.

Category 3: IoT and Asset Management

We are passionate about helping governments deliver an effective justice system in a more efficient way and at lower costs. This category focuses on the concept of a ‘connected prison’ in which the automation and efficiency of asset and energy management is significantly increased. Specifically, we are interested in technologies that can help us to optimise energy efficiency in our facilities or mitigate the impact of asset degradation through self-healing materials and fault prediction.

Category 4: Creating a Dynamic Workforce

We want to provide our people with a safe place to work they can be proud of. At the same time, challenging working environments, combined with increasing demand for efficiency and rising service expectations, make attracting and selecting the right talent extremely important. We therefore want to explore technologies that can:

  • enable more flexible working;
  • help create collaborative and connected work environments;
  • help us select the right people for demanding positions;
  • support training and development for managing tough and potentially dangerous situations;
  • help us to anticipate and mitigate potential corruption.

Category 5: Wildcard

Some innovations are hard to anticipate, so if you’re working on something we haven’t thought of yet, we want to hear from you. This category is intended to capture anything that doesn’t fit into the above categories but could still enable us to remain at the cutting edge of developments within our sectors. We welcome ideas that will help us shape the future of offender and facility management.

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