Clarence Correctional Centre, Australia, almost fully operational

Clarence Correctional Centre, a state-of-the-art correctional centre located in Grafton, New South Wales (NSW), has completed its first month of operations and training in preparation to becoming a fully operational Centre. Correctional Officers have been working 24/7 to keep the centre in a fully secure state in readiness to take inmates next month.

This state-of-the-art centre, which covers 65-hectares of a 195-hectare site, is the largest correctional centre in Australia and will house 1,700 inmates.

Extensive training and testing have been conducted throughout the site with Corrective Services NSW and other key stakeholders observing staff as they demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained through their 10-week Initial Training Course (ITC) and nationally accredited corrections certificate.

The centre features an operator-led design and will focus on the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates, giving them the opportunity to develop degrees of independence as they advance through programs and education, employment opportunities and the progressive accommodation options offered at CLA.

In April, when Clarence was one month away from technical completion, John Holland, one of the construction companies responsible for building and developing Clarence, officially handed over the Clarence Correctional Centre site keys to Serco in a small informal ceremony in front the centre’s key safe. The ceremony was conducted by Design Director Neil Koest who has been on the project for over four and a half years and has now officially seen the project through from bid to handover.

Neil presented General Manager Glen Scholes with a ceremonial key to signify the importance of the day. 

“Many people probably don’t know what this key actually means. They think it is just the key to a cell or a key to incarceration, but what we have learnt through this project thanks to Serco is that it is a key to rehabilitation,” Neil said.