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Game-changing body scanners prove their worth since rollout

In 2021 as part of the Government’s £100 million package to tackle violence and boost security, state-of-the-art body scanners by Adani were installed at five Serco run prisons in England - HMPs Ashfield, Doncaster, Dovegate, Lowdham Grange and Thameside.

The technology, developed specifically for the Prison Service, allows staff to see instantly whether prisoners are attempting to smuggle in illegal contraband.

Within months after their installation, the scanners are already proving their worth at the five Serco run prisons with over 8,000 scans performed, resulting in over 200 foiled contraband smuggling attempts.

When looking at the specific prisons, HMP Ashfield have so far performed over 100 scans with no positive findings, HMP Doncaster over 2,500 scans with 50 positives, HMP Dovegate over 900 scans with 60 positives, HMP Lowdham Grange over 1000 scans with 100 positives and HMP Thameside with over 4000 scans and 30 positive findings.

The illegal items detected would have been destined for the prison wings, fuelling the illicit economy and potential violence.

Dave Bamford, Contract Director at HMP Thameside praised the work the body scanner was doing to help his prison’s security team saying:

“HMP Thameside’s body scanner helps to provide crucial assistance to our security team, whose task in intercepting and preventing contraband getting into the prison requires constant vigilance”