Getting Men Talking

When big-hearted Chris, a Custodial Operations Manager (COM) at HMP Lowdham Grange, was diagnosed with cancer, he told his friends on his WhatsApp group that he would like to make a calendar in aid of men’s charities to raise awareness and support and help ‘get men talking’. 18 months on, Chris has not been able to do this, so his mates are doing it for him.

Some 20 men, all working within the Prison Service including team members from HMP Lowdham Grange, managed by Serco, and some from a military background, have now taken part in the official photoshoot for the calendar. Each month has a theme, some featuring terrible moustaches, others random pieces of fancy-dress costume to make us smile. It includes senior management enjoying some time on the beach and dog handlers spreading some festive cheer. Some of the lads, painted orange, sat in a pumpkin field… It turns out that orange body paint does not wash off as easily as you would hope!!!

The one exception is November – the serious one – with four veterans in full uniform saluting the local War Memorial in remembrance of all those who have died serving their country.

The proceeds from the calendar and other fundraising activities held last year, went to the Movember Foundation and Being Mankind, (80%), and to buy Christmas presents for children who spent Christmas in the King’s Mill Hospital, (20%).

The Movember Foundation began in 2003 and, from humble beginnings, it has now grown to be a global affair. In the 30 Movember days, moustaches become walking, talking billboards for men’s health. The work of the foundation includes:

  • Prostate Cancer – the most
    commonly diagnosed cancer in
    men in the UK.
  • Testicular Cancer – the most common cancer in men aged
  • Poor Mental Health – On average, 13 men each day take their
    life by suicide in the UK

Being Mankind is now at the heart of change when it comes to addressing gender stereotyping and is providing positive male role models for young boys so that they can learn to build healthy relationships with those around them – a way forward to benefit everyone.

So, how are they doing this?

 Being Mankind’s Mission Statement is:

“Imagine a world where gender stereotypes have np power? Imagine a world where kids are given a chance to truly understand themselves? Imagine a world where ‘Man Up!’ means nothing but ‘Be human, be yourself!” does?”

For more information visit:

“Who knew MAN UP could weigh a man down”
(Emmanuel Speaks, Poet)

There is no doubt that the enthusiasm of Chris’s work mates is already helping to fund the many projects taking the initiative to improve men’s health. Can you take the initiative and contribute and support their cause?

You can order your 2021 calendar by contacting:

Photo credits: Feed Photography. Heroes Magazine powered by Motorfinity.