High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Dean of Southwell visit HMP Lowdham Grange

In early September, HMP Lowdham Grange was privileged to host a visit from the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire Dame, Elizabeth Fradd and The Very Revd Nicola Sullivan, Dean of Southwell. 

Both Elizabeth and Nicola have had flourishing careers in nursing and were interested to visit the prison’s NHS Healthcare team, and to see how healthcare works in a custodial setting.  Head of Healthcare, Jane Barber introduced the visitors to her team.  

Director Mark Hanson was very proud to take the visitors to Business Enterprises to look at the great work that has been going on, making scrubs and washbags for the NHS. They were delighted to be told first-hand by the prisoners about how proud they were of their achievements and how they felt they had given something back to the community during these uncertain times.  

Elizabeth was surprised to be presented with a personalised set of scrubs from Unit Supervisor, Matt as a memento of her visit to Lowdham Grange. 

Those that have visited us at Lowdham Grange in the past know that no visit to Lowdham is complete, without visiting Inside Media to look at the award winning Storytime teller service.

Both Elizabeth and Nicola were very impressed with the service. 

Although Elizabeth and Nicola were only here for a couple of hours, they really enjoyed meeting everyone and their parting words were that they would love a job at Lowdham Grange – what a great endorsement!   

Two uniforms please!