HMP Ashfield donates to local foodbanks

Among the many effects of Covid-19 in the UK has unfortunately been the rise in the need for foodbanks.

To help support this growing demand, the Chaplaincy team at HMP Ashfield stepped in and started running a collection for a foodbank run by Fishponds Baptist Church in East Bristol.

When the call went out at the start of collection, many of Ashfield’s residents answered and after all the donations were collected, a whole carload of goods was taken to the Fishponds Foodbank.

Lizz Perry, HMP Ashfield’s Managing Chaplain described Fishponds Baptist Church’s reaction to the donation.

“They were overwhelmed by the volume of our donation and touched by the fact that prisoners have thought of others. The collection is ongoing with boxes available on the wings for donations.

The men are buying extra non-perishable items from the shop to give, such is their generosity that we anticipate being able to visit the food bank again in two weeks with further donations.”

As well as donating to Fishponds, HMP Ashfield decided to provide local support by donating to a local food bank in Pucklechurch which was set up in response to these difficult times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Anja, a member of the Chaplaincy team at Ashfield has helped to deliver three over-flowing trolley loads of food to Pucklechurch.

“The foodbank was so grateful at the amount they received, as the need locally is great; they have issued just under 80 food parcels in the past month.” said Anja.

“Five local families are entirely reliant on the food obtained through this project, while others in need come to supplement the little they can afford themselves.”

In early July, Fishponds Baptist Church sent a letter giving their appreciation to Ashfield for their donations. People’s need for this support is ongoing, and as a result demand for these services continues, so HMP Ashfield is making continuing donations to the two foodbanks.