HMP Ashfield works with registered charity, The Children’s Book Project

The Children’s Book Project is a national registered charity that gifts donated books to families where they can have the greatest impact on children’s social and emotional well-being.

They gift within communities throughout the UK, finding new homes for over 500,000 books created for babies, children and young people up to the age of 16.

On Monday 14 June, Ashfield held a children’s project book event with innovative plans to create a model to use at the other Serco establishments. HMP Ashfield hopes to establish a long term collaboration to help benefit children of prisoners and to provide them with books through our visits services.

When asked for their thoughts on the project, prisoners at HMP Ashfield have given shining praise:

“I feel the idea of sending a book out to your children is brilliant, it helps you to feel like a good dad and also it is beneficial for the children and helps to maintain the family bond.”

“This has been a great experience. I have been in six prisons in three years and none have done anything like this. Good selection of books and it’s nice to be able to send something other than a letter. Thank you so much.”

“I think the Children’s Book Project is important because it keeps the bond between parent and child, and it lets our children know they are always on our mind.”

“Thank you ever so much. Maintaining links with my children improved my mental health and helps time go by a little easier.”