HMP Doncaster walk for prisoner family support charity

On Thursday 11 February 2021, employees and prisoners at HMP Doncaster completed a fundraising walk to raise money for the charity Children Heard and Seen.

However, this was a highly unusual walk, as it took place entirely within the prison, with prisoners using the exercise yards and our Serco employees using the AstroTurf pitch.

The walk was organised by HMP Doncaster’s head of PE, Ian Straw, who galvanised support for the charity by sending out sponsorship forms to prisoner representatives from each of the wings, where it was welcomed by all. Ian then went on to spread awareness of the event to the rest of HMP Doncaster’s team.

As with all prisons there are restrictions in place at Doncaster to reduce the spread of covid-19 and during February prisoners were given a daily 30 minutes of time out of their cells to exercise. Ian gave prisoners the target of walking 20 laps around the exercise yard during that 30-minute exercise time and they met this with resounding success.

The charity walk raised over £400 for Children Heard and Seen, a charity that supports children, young people and their families who are impacted by parental imprisonment. They strive to support their needs, listen to their concerns and ensure that their voices are heard. 

Children Heard and Seen offers an online group for children impacted by parental imprisonment to explore feelings and meet other children with a parent in prison; online 1:1 support for children worried about their parent in prison and online support groups for parents worried about their partner in prison.

News of the completion of the walk was shared on social media via Twitter and was warmly received by both Twitter followers and the charity itself.