HMP Kilmarnock a safe, calm and orderly prison

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector for Prisons in Scotland, Wendy Sinclair, and her team recently visited HMP Kilmarnock for a one-day inspection.  The initial feedback received was very good, with the Inspection Team finding that HMP Kilmarnock was a “safe, calm, orderly prison”. 

Wendy was interested to find out how the prison dealt with the first few weeks of the pandemic and how it has changed and adapted their ways of working to contain and control the spread of the virus in the establishment.

The team were very impressed with all the hard work and commitment shown throughout the prison and spoke very highly about the great work being done in respect of pre-release for prisoners, the Scrubs that Industries staff made for the NHS, the KeyWorker Scheme and the introduction of Body Worn Video Cameras. All of the other innovative work that goes on at HMP Kilmarnock was also duly noted. 

There will as always be learning points from inspections such as these, which Kilmarnock will embrace and change for the better, but overall this was an excellent outcome for everyone who works, lives and visits the prison.