HMP Kilmarnock launches Twitter account

On January 12, 2021, HMP Kilmarnock, a closed, high security prison in Ayrshire, Scotland and managed by Serco on behalf of the Scottish Prison Service tweeted for the first time on their newly launched Twitter Account (@HMP_Kilmarnock).

The launch of the account harks back to a decision taken some time ago that every Serco managed prison in the UK should ‘be on Twitter’. The project started with the launch of HMP Doncaster (@HMPDoncaster), followed by HMP Lowdham Grange (HMPLowdhamG), HMP Dovegate (HMPDovegate), HMP Thameside (@HMPThameside) and HMP Ashfield (@HMPAshfield).

The decision was partly inspired by the then Minister of State for Prisons, Rory Stewart, who expressed his wish for all UK prisons to have a Twitter account. Having Twitter accounts for the prisons has provided ample opportunities to show the wide range work that is done within each prison in providing prisoner rehabilitation as well as updating the general public on important announcements.

 The Twitter accounts have been proving especially useful during the Covid-19 pandemic, as they allow the prisons to provide frequent updates on the changes to the prison regimes. the prison Twitter accounts have had a positive reception with over one million impressions (when a tweet appears on a user’s Twitter feed) and over five and a half thousand followers across all Twitter accounts.

Be sure to follow HMP Kilmarnock and her sister Serco prisons on Twitter for the latest updates!