Man caught attempting to smuggle contraband into HMP Doncaster given swift justice

Serco works closely with the Police to prevent crime and the following press release that was issued by South Yorkshire Police on 2 July 2020 is a great demonstration of that co-operation:

A man who was found throwing illicit items into a prison found himself on the wrong side of the wall in less than 24 hours. 

David Quinn, 29, of Florence Avenue, Doncaster has been sentenced to time behind bars after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to convey illicit articles into Her Majesty’s Prisons. 

Last year, on Sunday 20 October 2019, South Yorkshire Police’s Prison Crime Unit were involved in a covert operation at HMP Doncaster Prison targeting packages of illicit articles being thrown over the walls. 

During the operation, shortly before 3pm, Quinn was seen by officers in the undergrowth approaching the prison’s perimeter. It was at that point he was approached by Detective Constable Scott Jarvis.  

DC Jarvis identified himself as a police officer and Quinn immediately attempted to flee from officers. He ran along the canal path and in the direction of Sprotbrough. Officers engaged in a short foot pursuit and DC Jarvis arrested Quinn. Following his arrest packages, bound for the prison were recovered from him. 

The packages were found to contain tobacco, syringes, needles, a mobile phone, 164 tablets, liquid testosterone, cannabis and a memory stick. 

Quinn was later charged with further offences of conspiracy to convey illicit articles into Her Majesty’s Prisons.

While Quinn was remanded in prison, further enquiries into incidents of drugs being thrown over the prison walls were investigated and linked to Quinn, he was subsequently charged with further offences. 

The packages thrown over the walls included drugs spice and cannabis, tobacco, mobile phones and bladed knives. 

Investigating Officer DC Scott Jarvis from the Prison Crime Unit said, “A good proportion of inmates will take the opportunity to engage with the fantastic drugs and rehabilitation services offered to them within the prison establishment. This is severely hampered when individuals such as Quinn assist in flooding the jail with drugs and destabilising the prisons regime. 

“To add to this there is no good reason that I can see to supply blades and knives into a prison other than to cause serious harm or even death to other inmates or staff. This will not be tolerated.