Prisons and PECS teams joining ‘Serco Goes Green’

October marks the launch of ‘Serco Goes Green’ which will encourage, enable and celebrate environmental improvements at the places where Serco works.

We will be building on the success of ‘Serco Europe Goes Green’, to grow a community of Serco UK employees at all levels who will help to promote and embed ‘everyday green thinking and behaviour’ across the business. These ‘Green Ambassadors’ will lead by example and implement sustainable practices to improve and reduce our environmental impact, simply by implementing small changes locally.

Serco Goes Green Ambassadors are empowered to drive local initiatives, all of which receive equal recognition, regardless of scale. The ambition is to change mindset and habits by encouraging our people to ‘think big and act local’ on environmental issues. The Serco Goes Green programme will hold Network Meetings where Green Ambassadors from across different contracts can meet to share experience and ideas. Through the Serco Goes Green Ambassadors network, we will celebrate and promote your environmental achievements.

Our colleagues have been working hard to make environmental improvements across our justice contracts as part of their Yellow Belt accreditation. Here are just some of their achievements:

  • Reducing food waste at HMP Thameside, HMP Kilmarnock and Kings Lynn Magistrates court
  • Reducing paper use at HMP Thameside and HMP Dovegate
  • Reducing electricity being wasted at HMP Ashfield
  • Reducing single use plastic cups at HMP Dovegate and at HMP Lowdham Grange
  • Reducing the number of plastic food containers used at HMP Thameside
  • Reducing damage to microwaves and so reducing waste at HMP Lowdham Grange
  • Using screen wash more efficiently at our PECs bases
  • Finding more environmentally friendly ways to recycle old uniforms from our PECS contracts
  • Increasing recycling of prisoner food boxes at Colchester Crown Court and improving recycling opportunities at PECS Walton