Pulse Award Winners

The Serco Pulse Awards are an annual award scheme that recognises the wonderful work that is being carried out by individuals and teams in our business. Colleagues are nominated by their co-workers and the categories for the awards are based on Serco’s four values; Care, Trust, Innovation and Pride.  

Serco’s Justice business usually does well. Not only do we employ amazing people who live our values in their home lives as well as at work, but we also are in positions where we can make a difference to the lives of others, whether they are colleagues or those who we have in our care.

Here, presented to you are a few of the 2020 Justice Pulse Award Winners:

Care Category:

Dominika Buksa and Peter Akehurst
Prisoner Custody Officers, PECS
Dominika and Peter were working together in the transporting of prisoners between prisons. On the journey, three of the prisoners began to self-harm. While dealing with self-harming prisoners is something that is not unusual and a situation for which our PCOs are trained for, having to deal with three at the same time and one repeatedly doing so even after intervention, is a test for the most experienced of staff. The pair calmly dealt with the prisoners while liaising with the HMP and Operational Control Centre staff as they had been trained to do. The situation was so serious that Medical and Police assistance had to be called for while the pair administered first aid to one of the prisoners who had become unconscious due to his actions. They kept him under observation for the remainder of the journey once he had regained consciousness.

The Thameside Team
The actions of a team working in HMP Thameside proved instrumental in saving the life of one of their colleagues who was showing signs of illness and pain on his return from leave. Having initially tried to assist by administering pain relief to help with some of the discomfort, Christine, Sudeep and Victor convinced their colleague that medical attention needed to be sought. Carlena was set to take him to hospital, but Ade – a colleague, friend and neighbour of their friend – volunteered to look after him by taking him to a hospital close to his home and stay with him. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse on the way to the hospital and fell unconscious. Ade immediately phoned the emergency services and administered CPR until the paramedics arrived. The combined actions of the team certainly helped save their colleague’s life.