Serco celebrates recent ITC graduations

Across the Serco managed prisons in the UK many newly recruited Prisoner Custody Officers (PCO) have recently graduated from their Initial Training Courses (ITC) allowing them to start their daily work in prisons.

The ITC is an 8 - 9 week intensive training course that is approved by the Home Office and which every PCO must go through in order to earn their badge and become a fully qualified officer in prison.

It is a technical and at some points gruelling experience that prepares the trainee officer for the many aspects of life as a PCO, from the basic handling of equipment, first aid, control and restraint to the roleplaying of scenarios such as escorting prisoners to hospital appointments (bedwatch), searching cells for contraband and full-blown prison riots. The ITC also features fitness tests, which trainee officers must pass to meet the physical requirements of the job.

Once an officer completes their ITC, they will begin their career and they will work with experienced officers and their Custodial Operations Manager (COM) to start their daily shifts.

Further down the line, PCOs who want to progress in their career have the opportunity to become a COM and then Assistant Director and Deputy Director. There are also other departments within the custodial establishments that they can move into such as psychology, industries, education and security.

Below are photos of some of the most recent ITC graduations across Serco.

HMP Dovegate:

HMP Doncaster:

HMP Lowdham Grange:

HMP Kilmarnock: