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Serco Justice business celebrates Hidden Heroes Day 2021

On 29 September 2021, prisons across the UK celebrated Hidden Heroes Day. Seven operations across Serco’s Justice business took part, including HMPs Doncaster, Kilmarnock, Lowdham Grange, Dovegate, Ashfield, Thameside and the Prison Escort Custodial Service (PECS).

Hidden Heroes Day was first devised in 2020 by The Butler Trust, an organisation that recognises, celebrates, develops and disseminates outstanding work and best practice across UK prisons, probation and youth justice.  The aim of the day was to show staff that, while they may not be visible and to the forefront of the public consciousness, their continued service, under often very challenging conditions, is appreciated both internally and by the wider public. It is also an opportunity to raise public awareness about their role which is important when recruitment is becoming increasingly more difficult.  

To promote and communicate the contribution that front-line workers in our Justice business have made, especially considering their continued resilience during the pandemic and thank them for their commitment, Serco decided to make this an annual event, and celebrations were held in each of the contracts on the same day, with video messages of support from Heath Chappell, the Managing Director, and his senior leaders.  Each of the 6,000 frontline employees received a personal letter from Heath sent to their home addresses, and each received a small token of appreciation on the day. 

Serco Group Chief Executive, Rupert Soames gave his thoughts on the day saying:

“My immense respect goes out to all those working on the frontline in our Serco UK Justice contracts. Prior to COVID-19, your work was tough enough, but the courage, commitment and perseverance we have witnessed over the last 18 months in the managing of Covid-19 and keeping those in our care safe has been heroic. 

“Thank you and I wish you all a great Hidden Heroes Day.”