Serco Justice introduces new People First Connect service

Getting access to Serco’s intranet, without a certain amount of planning has always been a bit of a challenge for frontline staff in Serco. Many important services such as accessing payslips, booking annual leave and requesting employee support can all be difficult for prisoner custody officers who are constantly on their feet for most of the day and are rarely sat at a computer terminal.

That is why Serco has introduced the innovative People First Connect service for their phones. The service allows staff to access MySerco’s key employee services via a secure company portal on the Microsoft Edge app.

This new service allows prison staff to access vital employee services more easily, rather than waiting for a slot on a communal computer at work. The service also allows for better security of data, due to it being connected with Microsoft Authenticator.

Employees using this service are also able to easily access the Employee Assistance Programme, which provides free advice, information and support services to help employees deal with events and issues in and out of the workplace, as well as Serco Benefits, which provides hundreds of discounts and offers from high-street retailers to employees.