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Serco repeats the ex-gratia payment £100 to employees

Recognising that for many colleagues 2021 was no less demanding than 2020 and that Serco has once again delivered an outstanding financial performance, Serco has repeated the £100 ex-gratia payments made in 2020 to around 50,000 front line employees around the world, including those people working in prisons across the UK and on the Prisoner Escorting and Custodial Services contract., 

In addition, Serco set up a new charity called the Serco People’s Fund in the year with a remit to help employees who for one reason or another are suffering distress and would benefit from financial support; the Group made a one-off donation to the charity in 2021 of £4m to ensure it had the funds to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. 

The People’s Fund will complement the work of the existing Serco Foundation, which was established in 2013 and now has funds of around £6m, whose focus is on supporting community work and supporting causes sponsored by Serco colleagues.  The £10m now at their disposal will make a very significant social impact over time.

Rupert Soames, Serco Group Chief Executive, said:

“This (2021) was a year in which Serco delivered an outstanding financial and operational performance across the world in the face of constant challenge and disruption.  Being a contract manager or team leader, responsible for the daily delivery of vital public services, is never an easy job, but 2021 was the toughest operational environment I have seen; around the world shortages of every type of skill – HGV drivers, Prisoner Escort Officers, engineers, welders, porters, IT staff to name a few;  customers eager to restore services (and themselves critically short of staff); large numbers of unplanned absences as Omicron spread; all made operational delivery incredibly stressful, and I want to pay tribute to the resilience, the skill and commitment of not only the front-line colleagues, but also of their line managers, for many of whom 2021 has been a year of relentless pressure.”