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South Yorkshire Police donate bikes to HMP Doncaster

South Yorkshire Police's ‘Doncaster Fortify Team’ donated six bikes to HMP Doncaster in September.

The bikes, which are no longer in use by the force, will be used by prison officers on their breaks, to allow them to get some exercise and fresh air.

The ongoing upkeep and servicing of the bikes will be undertaken by prisoners as part of a scheme to support them in gaining new skills ahead of their release.

Detective Inspector Nina Jackson, from Doncaster’s Fortify Team, said: “This is a fantastic way to put these bikes to good use.

“Not only will they provide a welcome wellbeing boost for prison officers, but they will also allow inmates to learn new skills.

“You can’t reduce reoffending without equipping prisoners with the tools to make a living away from criminality.

“This is a great example of the police and prisons working in partnership to create better outcomes for inmates and communities.”

This is just one of a number of planed partnership initiatives planned between Doncaster’s Fortify Team and the prison.

John Hewitson, Serco Contract Director at HMP Doncaster said: “This is a great donation and we are really grateful.

“We have some keen cyclists here and they are looking forward to getting out there to do some cycling during their breaks. Working in a prison is challenging and the opportunity to get some exercise is a real benefit.

“The bikes will be looked after by our prisoners, which will teach them useful skills in preparation for when they re-join society."