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Volunteering with the Children’s Book Project

Mark Irwin, CEO, UK & Europe, and members of his Executive Leadership Team recently spent a day volunteering at the Children’s Book Project in west London.

The Children’s Book Project works with settings across the UK to redistribute thousands of new and used books to children and their families. Age relevant books are given to teachers at targeted nurseries and primary schools for them to redistribute within their community.

Mark and his team spent the day sorting, organising and packing books for children. In total, the team sorted and boxed more than 6,000 books ready for gifting on.

Mark said: “It was a really valuable use of our time supporting with redistributing thousands of books to children across the country who will truly benefit from the donation. The Children’s Book Project is a fantastic initiative which has gifted to more than 110 thousand babies, children and young people in the past 12 months. Thank you to the team at the Children’s Book Project for having us.

“I’d strongly encourage colleagues to use your volunteering leave to make a difference to your local communities and support a cause that’s important to you.”

Our Justice business works in partnership with the project through an initiative that allows fathers in prison to feel more connected to their children by gifting them books as well as making reading sessions possible during family visits, helping children and their dads at a difficult time. Often these gifted books will be the child’s first book of their own and one that inspires their reading journey.

Feedback from prisoners: “It has really made me feel like even though I have made mistakes, it’s nice to know someone still cares.”

Another prisoner said: “Good to know I can count on the prison to keep us connected during these difficult times.”

Our Social Value team is looking to build on the success of this event and the existing partnership with our prisons and find new and innovative ways we can support the project.