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Police Support Services

From surveillance technology to intelligence collection and dissemination systems, we support mission critical law enforcement activities.

Police Support Services

Serco provides a range of services that support the mission critical activities of police forces, from surveillance technology to command and control systems, and intelligence operations.

We offer a range of reliable and secure police support services, technologies and systems that help law enforcement agencies keep communities safe and citizens protected, in the face of increasing and evolving threats, with constrained budgets.

Serco provides a diverse range of sensitive services in challenging environments. We deliver uninterrupted support, ensuring continuous delivery of services, systems, and technologies, within a secure and effective service management framework.

As technology continues to advance at a considerable pace, the sector needs to continually adapt its approach and enhance detection and intervention capabilities. We innovate in partnership with our customers to offer the latest, best value services so they can meet their critical operational requirements.

Key Facts

  • We provide a number of mission critical IT systems that manage command and control, as well as intelligence collection and dissemination operations.
  • We manage and maintain the equipment at our borders that keep the UK safe.

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