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Through various EAS (European Space Agency) contracts, we provide an extensive portfolio of consultants both as individual staff and specialist services across multiple sites and directorates. Our specialists currently work in ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre), ESOC (European Space Operations Centre), ESRIN (the ESA Centre for Earth Observation), ESAC (European Space Astronomy Centre), ECSAT (European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications), ESA HQ and ESA-Kourou, helping ESA manage all facets of space missions from ensuring batteries are qualified for use in space; through the smooth guidance of VIPs at launch events; to the support of Earth Observation and Science operations, including a plethora of other essential activities that each support the success of ESA’s missions.

Our leadership of our Consortium of Loan Employment in ESOC provides specialists for all activities involved with spacecraft data systems, ground stations and astro-dynamics.

We have a variety of frame and individual consultancy contracts at EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) through which we provide specialists in LEO and GEO satellite operations, instrument data processing, archiving and dissemination; as well as support for the effective interaction with media and the press – an essential aspect of ensuring the full and innovative exploitation of Meteorological data.