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Earth Observation

Serco provides a wide range of services to our customers in ESA (European Space Agency), the EC and EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) that cover the end-to-end value chain of generation, capture, processing and exploitation of Earth Observation.

Earth Observation satellites are a highly effective means for gathering information about the Earth’s environment for responding to global environmental issues. Serco’s teams of engineers, technicians and operations specialists support a wide range of space and ground activities: from data archiving and product processing; to systems development; operation and maintenance; data production quality control; and support of and delivery to end-users.

User services and archives support

  • Front End Services (FES). Serco provides ESA with a managed service to operate the Earth Observation Help Desk, Order and Dissemination Desk, Service Desk and Engineering Support to Operations. These key user-facing functions provide ESA’s dynamic and diverse user community all the support they need to develop innovative applications of Earth Observation data.

  • EUMETSAT Data Centre (EDC) User Operations). Since 1995, Serco has been providing a managed service for the operation of the EUMETSAT Data Centre User Services, responsible for receiving, processing and archiving meteorology data products and making them available to end-users for accurate weather forecasting and environmental and climate monitoring.

Satellite and ground systems engineering, products processing and quality assurance

  • Engineering & Management Support Services (EMSS). Serco is supporting the development of Earth Observation services giving free and open access to large data collections from different types of satellites, helping our customers achieve the high levels of functionality and performance of the data supply chains.

  • Data Services Initiative (DSI). Serco has in-depth knowledge of Earth Observation data and products and is supporting the re-processing and updating of complex datasets, putting together and managing thematic data collections spanning generations of multi-mission satellites.

  • Support to Sensor Performance, Products Quality and Algorithms (SPPA - IDEAS). Serco provides management, scientific and engineering teams to execute end-to-end operational data quality control services for a wide scope of missions and instruments, using our extensive experience of Earth Observation products quality assurance.

Infrastructure support

Payload Data Networks and Systems (PDNS). Serco manages the Earth Observation technical infrastructure at ESRIN (the ESA Centre for Earth Observation), which includes the Data Centre; Earth Observation Data Preservation systems; Antenna and associated Laboratory; the Control Room for Earth Observation Payloads (CREOP); and the Virtual Reality Theatre. This managed service is part of the wider Earth Observation Payload Data Network through which ESA’s Earth Observation data is distributed world-wide.

Data Exploitation

Scientific and Technical Support Services to Earth Observation Exploitation Programmes (EOP-SE). Serco manages the service helping ESA and its user communities to best exploit the vast array of Earth Observation data in a wide range of applications. Serco is providing a highly qualified and experienced project management and scientific team with in-depth understanding of ESA's requirements. Our science experts in each of the application domains are capable of advising end users and assisting their development and cross-disciplinary exploitation projects, looking at scientific problems which span the oceans, atmosphere and land.