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Spacecraft Management

Serco is the key partner of choice for spacecraft management services for ESA (European Space Agency), EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites), UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) and the US Air Force (USAF).

Serco has a unique heritage of providing spacecraft management expertise to multiple Civil and Defence organisations for a wide variety of mission profiles from Low Earth Orbit Remote Sensing, through Geostationary Telecommunications, to Deep Space planetary and science missions.

European Space Operations Centre

Serco has been providing support services to ESA for over 35 years for the operational management of many significant Interplanetary, Earth Observation and Astronomical space missions. Our activities range from the preparation for real-time operations, through the development, testing and validating of all procedures and processes; to their utilization during the operational lifetime of the spacecraft in both nominal and non-nominal scenarios. Our engineers, analysts and controllers are key to ensuring the good health of the spacecraft and the successful outcome of the mission.


Serco provides spacecraft management services for all EUMETSAT missions flown from their facilities in Darmstadt. This includes the full lifetime of their longest mission Meteosat, which has been operational for over 38 years.

As well as managing the three generations of Geostationary Meteosat satellites, we are currently managing the LEO Metop mission, which started in 2006, as well as preparing for the new Sentinel-3 mission. Metop has brought in a new era in the way the Earth's weather, climate and environment are observed and is widely acknowledged for significantly improving operational meteorology. Sentinel-3 will reinforce this with high-end accuracy and reliability in support of ocean forecasting systems and for environmental and climate monitoring.


Serco is uniquely placed in providing satellite management support services for secure telecommunications constellations to both the UK MOD for Skynet 5, and to the USAF for Milstar and AEHF missions.