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Airport Operations

From air traffic control to airport fire and rescue services, we offer a full range of airport support capabilities to ensure 24/7 operations.

Airport Operations

Serco provides a full range of airport support capabilities to ensure 24/7 operations, with the aim of reducing operational risk and enhancing financial and overall performance.

We work with civil airport owners and operators to enhance the specialist capabilities that enable them to operate reliably and safely, in an increasingly regulated, busy, and complex operational environment.

We have deep expertise and knowledge of airport operations, as the largest provider of air traffic services in the world, and owner and operator of one of the world’s leading fire and rescue training centres.

UK civil aviation air movements are growing by more than 2% pa with an increasing focus on regional airports as the main international airports reach capacity. As these airports grow, their requirement for specialist provision of air traffic, fire and rescue, ramp, and other services is growing.

Currently, Serco provides multiple support services to regional and city airports, as well as specialist single services such as Air Traffic Control and Fire and Rescue for these and larger airports. The scale and depth of Serco’s experience provide a trusted, safe, and efficient platform on which regional and other airports can build their retail operations. 

With Serco well positioned for the Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation (DFRMO), there is potential for Serco to provide fire and rescue services at major international airports in the UK and abroad, bolstering the capabilities provided by Serco’s International Fire Training Centre in Teeside, UK.

Key Facts

  • Serco operates the UK’s most northerly airport (Scatsta) which enables the secure transportation of over a quarter of a million people out to the North Sea rigs every year.
  • We own and operate the International Fire Training Centre (IFTC), training specialists from around the world on aviation and other fire control operations while providing fire and rescue services to 10 airfields around the UK.

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