We offer a full component failure investigation service using a variety of techniques including the following:

  • Visual examination to identify wear patterns, damage, corrosion, etc.

  • Fracture examination to establish failure mode (rapid, progressive) and origin

  • Metallographic examination of the origin of failure to investigate any defects, microstructural features, heat treatment, etc.

  • Materials analysis including microstructure examination, hardness testing, material composition and mechanical properties.

We also offer the following additional services:

  • Tailored support services for ongoing customer issues, such as rail defects, which are handled on a call-off basis

  • Materials testing to establish type and properties of components for which the original documentation may be inadequate or obsolete

  • Condition assessment of components to investigate the extent and significance of any degradation in service due to e.g. wear, corrosion, etc. and identify if any cracking has occurred

  • Static load testing of a variety of components such as springs to assess their compliance with drawing requirements

  • Testing of bolted joints to investigate the relationship between bolt torque/extension and use these results to optimise the torque applied during fitting

  • Provision of materials selection advice and consultancy to manufacturers and suppliers.