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Through our Lens: Ally statement - Stacie Edwards

LGBT History Month logo

As an ally I have seen the positive impact [email protected] and the networks have on LGBTQ+ staff within Serco, offering support and friendship.

I know not everyone turns to their work environment for that, but I think it is important to offer the opportunity for those who wish to engage with the networks.

Like many, I still have a lot to learn about the different identities within the LGBTQ+ network, and not only does [email protected] create a network for those within the community, but it also a safe space for me to ask questions and learn.

I've found myself having many conversations this year about the community, which without the engagement with [email protected] and the events put on, I don't think would have happened.

Colleagues and our business thrive because of our inclusive approach to our talented and diverse workforce. We are constantly looking to improve our ways of working in order to make Serco an even better place to work for everybody.

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