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We are looking to support owners of empty homes to bring properties back into use within your Local Authority region by leasing them. Empty home support for homeowners

By making use of empty properties, it benefits homeowners, the Local Authority, those seeking accommodation and citizens at large.

Homeowners have the comfort of working with an experienced service company who will fully-manage and fully-let their property for a period greater than five years.

All upfront costs to bring properties up to standard are borne by Serco and paid back by homeowners within a pre-agreed model (for example, deductions from future rental income).

Once our initial outlay has been recouped, the homeowner benefits from 100% of the rental payments from tenants, whilst Serco will continue to manage the lease for you without any additional administration or management fees.

In short

Our lease offers a robust package to existing owners of empty properties, the following is a summary of our offer:

Serco boiler engineer working on a boiler
  • A lease more than 5 years with an FSE 250 company, with an option to renew at the end of the tenure

  • No upfront costs to the homeowner

  • Day-to-day maintenance and repairs undertaken at no cost to the homeowner

  • All refurbishment and maintenance work carried out by competent, qualified, and accredited contractors

  • No call outs fees payable

  • Payback taken from future rental payments so no financial burden on the homeowner

  • No void periods

Inside a Compass kitchen
  • Guaranteed rent paid monthly by BACS for the entire duration of the lease so no rent arrears or debt collection

  • Full tenancy and property management service provided by Serco, at no cost to the homeowner

  • Monthly property inspections by Serco

  • Council Tax and utilities paid by Serco

  • No management fees. No legal fees. No registration fees. No set-up fees

  • Your property returned to you at the end of the lease period in good condition (less reasonable wear and tear) and with vacant possession

Preferred property criteria

Serco’s preference is that properties are in a location which ensures our occupiers have access to local services, for example:

  • Close to public transport links

  • Close to schools and health services

  • Close to shops and places of worship

Preferably not above commercial premises or next to pubs or night clubs.

Please note the property will be submitted for consultation with Local Authority.

About us

Serco Group plc are a global, FTSE 250 company which specialises in the delivery of essential public services.  Our broad cross sector and international experience means we can transfer emerging best practice, share new service innovations, and improve the performance of the public services we manage.  A strong public sector ethos runs through our organisation which is why you will always find our people are motivated to make a positive difference.

Man in overalls looking at spout on a tap over sink

In the UK, our organisation has been operating within the housing/accommodation market for over a decade, managing an exclusive accommodation contract on behalf of Central Government across the North West, Midlands, and East of England.

We have extensive knowledge in relation to the identification and refurbishment of properties that have been out of use for long periods of time (six months or longer) and deemed to be either uninhabitable, or too costly to repair for the owner.  We are known for delivering the highest standard of service and support to existing owners of empty properties, landlords, local communities, and those in need of appropriate accommodation. 

Need further information

If you are an existing owner of an empty property and are interested in knowing more about our offer, please get in contact with us for an informal discussion to understand if our offer could work for you.

For further information please email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact the AASC Properties Team on 0330 236 9898.