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Serco provides asylum accommodation and support services in the North West of England, Midlands and the East of England. Introduction to AASC

Our purpose is the provision of accommodation, transportation and subsistence payments for asylum seekers whilst their claims are being processed. 

We are responsible for over 30,000 asylum seekers in more than 7,000 properties split between the North West, the Midlands and East of England regions. We offer initial accommodation for service users newly entering the asylum application process where they stay for approximately 19 days while they go through various assessments and their applications are processed by the Home Office. Once applications are processed, service users will then be moved to dispersed accommodation. Our operating model is based on leasing properties from a wide network of landlords, investors and agents with Serco acting as a Tenant, with permission to sub-let to our service users. 

We are confident that our lease provision offers an attractive and competitive proposition within the industry: 

  • Long term lease (5+ years) 
  • Novation clause included
  • No void periods
  • No rental arrears
  • Full HMO management 
  • Monthly property inspections
  • Inhouse maintenance
  • Rent paid in full, on time every month
  • Full repair and maintenance lease (excluding latent and structural defects)
  • 30 day property inspections 
  • Periodic safety inspections 
  • No letting or management costs
  • Council Tax and utilities paid by Serco
  • Blue-chip tenant 

Prospective landlords, investors and agents

We are looking to onboard landlords and investors across the North West, Midlands and East of England. All types of properties are considered, including individual flats, houses, entire blocks, former care homes to large ex-student accommodation blocks.