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Serco have a team of licencing and legislation specialists to support our landlord and investor community Licencing: What's new?

Article 4 areas

Consultation stage 12 months 20 June 2022 to 20th June 2023
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Approved with live date 3rd October 2022
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Additional licencing

Active as of July 2022 consultation to extend this
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Consultation stage City wide, July-September. Live date 1st April 2022
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Selective licencing

Approved and live date 10th October 2022
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Active as of 4th July 2022 however no application created by Oldham council at present
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Approved 25 wards and live date 1st April 2023
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Active 21st July 2022 to 21st July 2027
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Active across 16 wards within Liverpool city area
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Active and new area Eccles, Barton and Winton live 1st September 2022
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New legislation affecting licencing

From 1st October 2022, all private and social landlords MUST ensure that in all of their rented properties there are:

  • Smoke alarms on every storey where there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation; and
  • Carbon monoxide alarms in any room used wholly or partly as living accommodation where a fixed combustion appliance is present (excluding gas cookers).

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