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The Red Lab holds its first Live Talk

The Red Lab held its first Live Talk on 5th May 2021. The virtual event gathered more than 60 attendees including Serco colleagues, professors, students and business partners. The Red Lab is Serco’s new Research Hub, a unique Research & Development incubator located in Italy which focuses on research and innovation in the space sector. The event was an invaluable opportunity to discuss strategic objectives and ongoing research activities with a wide range of stakeholders.

Raffaele Crapolicchio, Red Lab Manager presented the Red Lab’s first year of activities in the first part of the Live Talk,  which was followed by a Lectio Magistralis on “Calibration and Validation of satellite based Earth Observation data” by Fabrizio Niro e Gabriele Brizzi, Senior Science experts and Red Lab Ambassador.     

The Red Lab students were then able to showcase the impressive research work they have performed together with their tutors from Serco. Some of the research work has already contributed to the evolution of some services delivered by Serco in Italy. Ongoing research includes:



The Red Lab also represents a unique opportunity for Serco staff to further develop their skills and implement their research ideas in an effort to always improve existing services. The Live Talk was concluded with an award ceremony where all participants received a Red Lab tee shirt “Passion for Research and Innovation”.


Raffaele Crapolicchio, Red Lab Manager, said he was delighted by this first edition and concluded: “The Red Lab Live Talk provided an excellent opportunity to share developments and projects with the various stakeholders involved in the initiative. We can already witness the positive impact of this project and I am looking forward to future editions of the Live Talk. I would like to thank all the students and their tutors for their hard work. Great projects will be achieved through the Red Lab without any doubt.”